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The Your Life, Your Money Podcast helps you thrive in life, wealth and retirement. The show is designed to navigate the complexities around money, building and securing wealth, and achieving financial independence. Scott Sierens, financial advisor at Sierens Financial Group, will provide thoughts, strategies, and ideas on each episode to help you make smart and sound financial decisions. The goal is to take complex financial subjects and make them simple and easy to understand so you can feel confident to take action, enjoy life, and eliminate financial stress and anxiety.

Scott, along with guests from across various industries, will cover topics such as tax savings strategies, investment and wealth management, IRAs, 401(k)s, retirement planning, income strategies, pensions, estate planning, social security, healthcare, and much more.

Retirement isn't an age or number. It's finding the balance between living life today and feeling financially confident about YOUR tomorrow.

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Feb 2, 2023

On this episode the Your Life, Your Money Podcast, Scott Sierens delves into why he believes there are three key questions that everyone should be asking themselves in order to ensure that they are properly preparing for retirement.


These questions cover some of the most critical elements of the retirement planning process and are essential for anyone looking to secure their financial future. By asking and answering these questions, you can gain a better understanding of your retirement goals and develop a plan to achieve them.


Here’s more of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Scott first breaks down a CNBC article that lists the 10 states where $1 million runs out the fastest. Are you living in one of these states? Are there some caveats to these findings you should be aware of? Scott picks it apart… (1:56)
  • The first retirement question you should be asking is, “How much can I withdraw from my savings each year?” (6:20)
  • Take it a step further and ask yourself the question, “When do I need to make an adjustment?” (10:10)
  • Scott details why this first question (and its follow-ups) is so important to ask. (11:35)
  • The second question you should be asking is, “Should I still have life insurance when I retire?” (13:15)
  • The third retirement question you should be asking is, “How much are my tax deferred savings going to cost me in taxes?” (17:42)


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