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The Your Life, Your Money Podcast helps you thrive in life, wealth and retirement. The show is designed to navigate the complexities around money, building and securing wealth, and achieving financial independence. Scott Sierens, financial advisor at Sierens Financial Group, will provide thoughts, strategies, and ideas on each episode to help you make smart and sound financial decisions. The goal is to take complex financial subjects and make them simple and easy to understand so you can feel confident to take action, enjoy life, and eliminate financial stress and anxiety.

Scott, along with guests from across various industries, will cover topics such as tax savings strategies, investment and wealth management, IRAs, 401(k)s, retirement planning, income strategies, pensions, estate planning, social security, healthcare, and much more.

Retirement isn't an age or number. It's finding the balance between living life today and feeling financially confident about YOUR tomorrow.

Ask Scott your questions by calling 847-235-6989 or check out our podcast website at for more resources.

Dec 9, 2021

As the year winds down, we help our clients with a checklist of items to get them prepared for the new year. One very important area to take a close look at is your 401(k) contributions. What can you do to improve your retirement account next year? Today we’ll share five tips to help you get the most out of your...

Dec 2, 2021

When planning for financial independence, you still need to plan for things other than finances, like what you will do with your free time. We’re talking about the life side of retirement today. What are you doing with your time and your energy? Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions for yourself. 



Nov 23, 2021

We are opening up the mailbag today. George wants to know how much risk he should take with his investments and Robert wonders which Roth – 401k or IRA – is better? We’ll also discuss the best way to help your parents with their investments and whether it's smart to take Social Security early. 


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Nov 18, 2021

Cutting corners - we all occasionally do it in life. Whether we do this with our finances, exercising, etc., we’re all guilty of this sometimes. When you do this financially, it can really hurt you in the long term.  


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Nov 11, 2021

Have you thought about giving back to make a positive impact on the lives of others?  Are you wanting to be involved in a charitable way?  Maybe you have the ability to give some of your time.  Maybe it's financial resources.  In today’s episode with Leslie Blake, Executive Director at Big Brothers Big Sisters, we...