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The Your Life, Your Money Podcast helps you thrive in life, wealth and retirement. The show is designed to navigate the complexities around money, building and securing wealth, and achieving financial independence. Scott Sierens, financial advisor at Sierens Financial Group, will provide thoughts, strategies, and ideas on each episode to help you make smart and sound financial decisions. The goal is to take complex financial subjects and make them simple and easy to understand so you can feel confident to take action, enjoy life, and eliminate financial stress and anxiety.

Scott, along with guests from across various industries, will cover topics such as tax savings strategies, investment and wealth management, IRAs, 401(k)s, retirement planning, income strategies, pensions, estate planning, social security, healthcare, and much more.

Retirement isn't an age or number. It's finding the balance between living life today and feeling financially confident about YOUR tomorrow.

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Nov 16, 2023

The retirement planning world is filled with plenty of advice and suggestions, but there are critical questions lurking in the shadows – the unasked, the overlooked. These are the questions that can help define the comfort and security of your retirement future. In this episode, we unearth and tackle these essential questions about retirement.

Listen in as Scott sheds light on the potential coverage gaps and costs that might catch retirees off guard when it comes to Medicare. He also explores the impact of where you choose to live in retirement, delving into state taxes, cost of living, and other financial considerations, and talks about planning for the care of elderly parents.

Stick around to make sure that these 3 overlooked planning topics aren’t costing you time, energy and money in your golden years!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • The medical coverage you might need over and above Medicare
  • Where you choose to live during retirement can significantly impact your financial situation- considering state taxes, cost of living, and other regional factors
  • What considerations should be made when planning for the time and financial commitments of caring for elderly parents during retirement?


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