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The Your Life, Your Money Podcast helps you thrive in life, wealth and retirement. The show is designed to navigate the complexities around money, building and securing wealth, and achieving financial independence. Scott Sierens, financial advisor at Sierens Financial Group, will provide thoughts, strategies, and ideas on each episode to help you make smart and sound financial decisions. The goal is to take complex financial subjects and make them simple and easy to understand so you can feel confident to take action, enjoy life, and eliminate financial stress and anxiety.

Scott, along with guests from across various industries, will cover topics such as tax savings strategies, investment and wealth management, IRAs, 401(k)s, retirement planning, income strategies, pensions, estate planning, social security, healthcare, and much more.

Retirement isn't an age or number. It's finding the balance between living life today and feeling financially confident about YOUR tomorrow.

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May 11, 2023

In today's episode, we are going to look at the results of the 2023 Retirement Confidence Survey. Join us as Scott unpacks these surprising statistics, shares his takeaways, and reveals the insights they provide when it comes to retirement planning. Whether you are nearing retirement or have already retired, this episode is packed with valuable information. 


Here's what we’ll discuss in this episode:  

  • Survey one’s results, which compares expected retirement expenses to the actual expense realities. (4:53)
  • Scott’s takeaway from the first survey's results. (8:05)
  • The next survey that compares income source expectations to income source realities. (10:58)
  • Knowing how much you can take out of your retirement savings is important. (17:47)
  • Surveys show that most people favor income stability over maintaining wealth. (21:23)
  • One of the key ingredients that helps increase confidence in retirement. (27:53)


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